We will accept almost any file format for you artwork, logo or design. We will do the best with what is supplied but it may incur extra art charges to clean it up or to convert it so it can be used. Any artwork charges are usually a 1 time charge so the artwork can be reused on repeat orders or similar products, free of charge. For copyright reasons, you must have the rights to reproduce any logos that you want to engrave or reproduce. To get the best results and save from possible artwork charges please follow the artwork guidelines below.

Artwork Guidelines

  • Please supply your artwork files in either of the following formats in this order of preference, PDF (Portable Document File), CDR (Corel Draw), EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) or AI (Adobe Illustrator).
  • Artwork for engraving should be in pure black and white, no gray or shading because engraving is either a cut or no cut, there is no half engraving on most materials.
  • Depending on what we are engraving, fonts should be no smaller than 12 points. You will also get better results if you use sans serif fonts for smaller print.
  • Photos supplied for engraving or for color reproduction should be at least 200 DPI, depending on final size of the product.

Raster vs. Vector

Even though you have supplied us your artwork in one of our preferred formats doesn’t mean there will be no art or conversion charges.  That’s because PDF and similar files are container files which can contain many objects inside like photos and text. If you supply us a PDF with a logo inside that is actually a photo (Raster), we will most likely have to convert it to a Vector before we proceed with engraving it. This is because Vector graphics are much better for scaling the artwork either by making it smaller or especially when we need to enlarge it. Take a look at the magnify glass illustration to see what happens when you enlarge a Raster or photo graphic. Since Raster graphics are made up of a series of dots when you enlarge it, the dots just become more visible resulting in loss of image quality.

There are many reasons why Vector graphics are superior besides just crisp scaling. Vector graphics are usually easier for us to edit, change colors and are simpler for us to convert to other necessary formats for engraving.

Most customers will probably not know whether they are supplying us a Vector or Raster version of their artwork, so if you need to ask your graphics department or person, ask for a letter head or business card artwork file, not something off of a web page. Website designers usually work in Photoshop and most of the artwork supplied by them will be in Raster format. Usually any artwork that was printed on paper will be in a Vector format. You can always send us what you have and we’ll tell you if we can work with it.