Landmark Recognition is the longest running awards and recognition company in the lower mainland with almost 60 years in the business. Over the years Landmark Recognition has acquired many other Awards & Recognition and Engraving Shops along the way. Today Landmark Recognition offers a wide variety of recognition products from Trophies, Plaques, Medallions, Glass and Crystal Awards to Name Tags, Banners, Interior and Exterior Signage.

Brief History of Landmark Recognition

1962 - Hildebrand's Trophies

Pete Hildebrand, a cabinet maker opened his first shop in the back of Barry’s Trophies.  Naturally, Pete began making bases for Barry’s Trophies, and as they say, the rest is history. Pete changed the name and the fortunes of the trophy store, building it into one of the largest awards dealers in BC before retiring  and selling the company at the end of 1991. A group of Meraloma members purchased the company and appointed one of the new owners, Mike as manager.

In 1993, Hildebrand’s became one the first award dealers in Canada to purchase a laser engraver.  Today laser engravers are the most common way award shops do engraving.

1995 - Landmark Technologies

Hildebrand’s acquired their first company Landmark Technologies 3 years later under the new management.  The previous owner was also a Meraloma member who specialized in plastic and  building signage.  Landmark Technologies expanded the product line and gave Hildebrand’s their second location.  With the new location Landmark Technologies became one of the first awards dealer with 2 locations, serving Vancouver and Richmond.

2004 - Factory Direct Trophies

Landmark acquired Factory Direct in 2004 and moved their Richmond location on 6 Rd. to the Factory Direct warehouse on Simpson Rd. which is the current location where Landmark Recognition does most of it’s production today.  After the merger of the of the 2 warehouses Landmark obtained the largest retail inventory in the lower mainland.   Liz the manager of Factory Direct retired in 2013.

Hildebrand’s Trophies began doing  business as Landmark Recognition to operate as one company and a single brand.

2006 - First Choice Awards

First Choice Awards was acquired by Landmark in 2006.  First Choice’s Richmond store was relocated to Landmark’s Richmond location on Simpson Rd.  The acquisition not only made Landmark the largest Trophy retailer in Richmond it also brought a lot of technology with it.  The owner of First Choice went to work for Landmark for many years after, but unfortunately the manager Linda passed on.  First Choice helped Landmark Recognition to merge all their companies under one software system which not only helped the clients as well as their inter-store communication.

2018 - Travel Bug

In 2018, our Vancouver location moved to the inside of the Travel Bug store located at 2865 West Broadway. Mike, the previous owner and manager has now retired but still helps out if needed.